Pressure Mounts Behind GDPR Compliance

Isn't It Time You Actually Looked at Your Data?

You’ve been preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other privacy regulations, investing your time and money into the effort.

Yet, with changing expectations for the collection, storage, and handling of personal data, can you trust your assumptions about GDPR readiness?

Webinar: A Data Driven Approach to GDPR - Commvault Sensitive Data Governance

Know Your Data, Reduce Risk

To address the challenges of managing personal data, you first have to know where it resides. This is difficult when you’re dealing with a lot of siloed unstructured data like emails and documents.

At the same time, you must be ready to respond to a potentially huge influx of data subject requests regarding the data you’ve been gathering, including requests to erase personal data – all within expected time frames.

Saving time and effort is key to reducing your risks.


Less than half of companies are ready for implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
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If You Can't See Your Data, You Can't Comply

The Commvault Data Platform allows you to know where your data lives, manage and remove unnecessary personal data and protect the data you want.


Confirm where personal data is hiding in your organization so nothing is overlooked or is improperly handled.

Reduce Exposure

Remove unnecessary personal data before it becomes a problem and you experience undue risks.


Address data subject requests at scale, providing real information about their personal data, giving you the ability to disclose and remediate it as necessary.

Gartner: A Platform for GDPR Compliance
Managing key GDPR articles and principles

Learn how the Commvault data platform supports GDPR compliance.

Commvault Sensitive Data Governance

With Commvault, you can detect sensitive data throughout file servers and endpoints. You’ll be able to proactively review and remediate sensitive data where appropriate from data sources and backups, while managing data subject requests for disclosure or erasure of personal data.

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Commvault Data Protection Solutions

With Commvault solutions, designed with GDPR-aligned privacy and security principles at their core, you’ll ensure data resiliency with role-based access controls and with encryption at rest and in transit. Data profiling and analytics help to identify personal data and related risks, with full audit trails for all data management functions.

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Commvault Compliance Search

Search across email and document silos and content formats, to collect and hold information for investigations or compliance needs, ensuring valuable content is not deleted before it should be.

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