Data Governance

Managing Data in a Hybrid World

The concept of 'the cloud' used to be simple. Just a few short years ago, you had one cloud for one specific purpose. But those days are now long gone. Welcome to the hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud era.

Driven by the push to reduce costs, increase flexibility and boost the business’s ability to respond to new demands, the cloud you’re operating today looks nothing like it once did. Not only have you gone from one cloud to many, you’re also operating a diverse blend of public and private clouds, with multiple hypervisors scattered across them. It’s a complex web that’s incredibly difficult to coordinate and control.

Multiple clouds means multiple exposure points

Effective data management and protection measures are paramount in a multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud world. But with so much data flowing into, out of and between all of these clouds, keeping track of everything, managing conversions, integrations and migrations and applying policies to it all can create serious headaches.

Even so, it’s critical that you know where all this data resides, understand its value to the business and assign policies accordingly. And you have to get it absolutely right. One misapplied policy, and your critical data could be susceptible to duplication, theft or corruption.


Less than half of the organizations surveyed trust their data for making important business decisions.1

The flexibility you need, the protection you demand

With the Commvault data management platform, you’ll be able to implement flexible protection strategies that simplify data governance and recovery efforts across all of your hypervisors and cloud platforms. With a single toolset that spans multiple hypervisors and cloud environments, you’ll be able to simplify policy management, even as you add more components to your infrastructure. And with the native hypervisor integration built into this toolset, you’ll find it easier to move, migrate and convert data between platforms. Plus, with snapshot capabilities that integrate with numerous storage vendors, operating systems, and applications, you’ll be able to recover data faster, uphold your organization’s RTO and RPO requirements and reduce complexity by avoiding scripting and other manually intensive efforts.

Robust hypervisor support built to adapt to a rapidly changing multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud world.

Native hypervisor integration for seamless, agentless data management across platforms.

Snapshot management that supports granular recovery at scale.