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Cloud Data Management


The only data management platform you need to securely move, manage and use data across on-premises and cloud locations.

Commvault Cloud Solutions

The cloud can be an expensive place to learn. Determining how to automate operations and control resource consumption together with managing your data can be a difficult task.

Commvault solutions make getting to the cloud simple and fast while managing all your data and cloud resources. Check out our Cloud Solutions below:

Cloud Backup and Recovery
Get to the cloud and recover fast

Cloud Disaster Recovery
Seamless, automatic disaster recovery

Cloud Migration Services Migration to the cloud for physical and virtual workloads

Dev-Test in the Cloud
Move dev-test to the cloud

Business Policy Automation
Take control of data in the cloud, on-premises, and on any infrastructure

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Add value to your cloud first strategy

Whether you are looking to get started with the cloud, defining your strategy, or working to improve on your current execution, Commvault Cloud Solutions deliver unmatched customer value making any strategy better.

With Commvault Cloud Solutions:

  1. Quickly backup your data to the cloud. Commvault manages over 70 petabytes of critical customer data in the cloud, with more customers taking advantage every month.***

  2. Make disaster recovery a snap across multiple cloud environments. Move data to and from the cloud and orchestrate cloud resources across leading public cloud offerings.

  3. Respond quickly to changing requirements and migrate data quickly to the cloud. 63% of organizations claim the cloud has increased their agility.*

  4. Find and access data in the cloud in minutes instead of hours or days. Accelerate the delivery of data in the cloud automated self-service access.

  5. Gain control over all data. A unified data management approach allows 71% of organization to improve management efficiencies and deploy technology faster.**

* Hybrid Cloud Storage Can Be an Antidote for Data Growth, Gartner Research.
** Agile Data Recovery In The Cloud
*** Source: Commvault

2017 Executive Cloud Survey:
What IT Leaders Are Worried About

Are you concerned that you’re missing out on new advancements related to cloud? The fear is real.

The Commvault Data Platform

There are a variety of tools available to help move to, use, and manage data in the cloud. Point tools are designed only to address a single business or operational challenge and that makes managing your data in the cloud nearly impossible without a holistic strategy.

Reduce the risk to your organization with awareness and control of your data in the cloud, on premises, and on any infrastructure you choose with the Commvault Data Platform. Explore what the Data Platform offers for data on any infrastructure:


Data is gathered from multiple sources and content is queried, providing insights about how the data should be classified, captured and managed.


Extends the next level of detail to provide context and content of data for search and discovery.


Ensures that billions of objects, files, blobs, containers, etc., can be easily located and retrieved, regardless of age, location, infrastructure choice or application origin. Provides an enhanced level of agility.


The virtual repository provides storage control and data movement that crosses multiple locations, tiers and infrastructures and aligns policy management to all data types. It employs efficient data storage techniques like compression and deduplication while ensuring data security and data encryption measures across the broad spectrum of locations, tiers and infrastructures.


Unlock richer data value


Go beyond metadata


A policy-driven approach to data management


Instant data access to apps in native form



A unified single view of all data, with role-relevant access, provides a rich understanding of operations with deep views into data, usage and environmental characteristics.

A single index for all data lets you know where and what your data is, who owns it, who has access to it, and many more contextual details.

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