VMWare Data Management

Maximize the value of your virtual infrastructure with scalable, automated, flexible VM protection and management across all your VMware environments.

Given how many enterprises depend on VMware for part or all of their virtualized IT environments, having a solid, reliable VMware backup and recovery solution is business-critical. Commvault’s virtual machine management capabilities are deeply integrated with vCloud, vCenter and other VMware platforms — not only providing easy, dependable backup and recovery, but also efficient VM provisioning, migration, disaster recovery, archiving and retirement. Learn more about modern data management.

Scalable VMware backup and recovery

Our approach to VMware backup and recovery leverages global source-side deduplication, hardware snapshots and grid-based architecture, along with the built-in efficiencies of the latest VMware APIs for Data Protection, including Change Block Tracking. Combined, these features make it possible to backup and recover hundreds of VMs in minutes with minimal impact on your production resources, reducing both complexity and risk — and ensuring that you can achieve your service-level agreements (SLAs) with confidence, no matter how large your VMware environment becomes.


Doing virtual infrastructure management right

Relying on a backup solution that’s not built for virtual machines or a point-level product that doesn’t scale can cost you time, money and effort — making backups take longer, causing inefficient use of resources and requiring manual intervention. And because many virtual environments now include multiple VM platforms and hypervisors, limiting your VM-aware backup and recovery solution to just VMware alone creates silos, forcing you to adopt multiple management tools to handle it all.

With Commvault, you get maximum protection for your entire virtual infrastructure — and maximum flexibility. We offer a single solution for backing up your VMware as well as any other hypervisors you’re using — plus your physical servers — so your virtual infrastructure remains fully integrated and agile. We make it easy to migrate your data across virtual platforms — or even from physical servers to virtual servers — and perform cross-platform backups and restores from the cloud of your choosing, regardless of where the data first came from. At the same time, we also provide application-specific support for your mission-critical transactional apps such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL and SharePoint.

Ensure that no VM goes unprotected

No matter which VMware interface you’re using, our software integrates directly with the latest version of VMware APIs for Data Protection to automatically discover new VMs as they’re created and assign protection policies to those VMs based on user-defined criteria. Our policy-based storage tiering automatically retains VMs based on their value to the business.

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Contain VM sprawl

One of the main benefits of virtual machines is that they’re quick and easy to create. The downside, however, is that as your virtual infrastructure grows, the constant creation, startup, stoppage and removal of virtual machines can be difficult to manage. Self-service provisioning can help — but even that comes with the risk of overwhelming your team if machines are spun up without your knowledge or control. Commvault’s VM provisioning capabilities let you give users carefully defined self-service capabilities, with role-based access controls to limit waste and overuse. And when VMs have served their purpose, our solution tracks down idle and unused VMs and safely archives them so hardware resources and software licenses can be reclaimed.

More flexible VMware access and provisioning

With Commvault, just a single pane of glass is needed to configure, monitor and manage VMs from multiple hypervisors — whether VMware or Hyper-V, on your own servers or in the cloud — greatly reducing the burden on your VM admins and IT teams. You can even install an optional plug-in for vCenter that allows you to browse VM backups and perform restores without ever having to leave the vCenter management console. No matter how you access our software, you get flexible coverage that covers all of your virtualization systems and platforms, delivering an integrated VM solution that works across your entire organization.

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