Citrix XenServer Data Management

When it’s your job to make sure hundreds of users have the virtual desktops and apps they need to keep work flowing, Commvault is there for you.

Our software keeps your Citrix XenServer environment available, searchable and fully integrated into your enterprise data protection strategy — whether your storage is local, network-attached or a combination of both. Commvault software includes auto-detection and discovery rules, meaning any Citrix XenServer VMs you bring online are automatically factored into your backup regimen.


Data protection that scales

Commvault makes it easy to protect hundreds of virtual machines in minutes. Combining the broadest hardware snapshot integration with efficient, resilient backup and global deduplication, we keep your Citrix XenServer applications and data protected. Our software allows you to manage your Citrix XenServer VMs alongside any other virtual machines you have deployed for truly integrated multivendor VM management.

Take Citrix XenServer to the cloud

Easily extend Citrix XenServer workloads to the cloud without adding risk or complexity, and enable your organization to take full advantage of private and public cloud infrastructures for fast, cost-effective disaster recovery. Commvault provides a complete platform to address all your requirements — not just virtualization — meaning you can manage new technologies and systems through one solution.

CitrixXen Server
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