Active Directory Data Management

Commvault’s built-in support for Microsoft Active Directory makes it easier to protect and manage your data at any level, on any scale.

Commvault software restores and archives on-premises and in-cloud data for Microsoft Active Directory, looking deep into Windows objects to find schema items while backing up the system state of one or more Windows servers. As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner and 2014 Microsoft Server Platform Partner of the Year, we know how to protect and manage your data across all your Microsoft environments.

Snapshots to protect your organizational units


It’s not supposed to happen, but it does. That’s why there’s Commvault. If an organizational unit is accidentally deleted from your Active Directory domain structure, our hardware snapshots let you quickly restore the previous state to prevent permission or login issues from affecting users.

Faster, risk-free restores of individual permissions

Our software makes it quick and easy to restore access to individual users if they get locked out of the system because of malicious activity (such as a deleted location or permission for a certain domain) or due to corrupted data. Commvault automates the restoration process, saving you hours or possibly even days of manual intervention and minimizing the risk of further corruption to your Active Directory domains.


Native support for all Active Directory objects


Commvault natively handles all types of Active Directory objects, whether located on premises or federated in a Microsoft Azure or third-party cloud. By serving as the connector between your Active Directory environments, our software’s deep integration and high degree of automation reduce risk and accelerate recovery time.

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