G Suite (Google Apps For Work) Data Management

Comprehensive backup, archiving and recovery for your Google Apps for Work environment.

By switching to Google Apps for Work, your business has become more efficient while cutting server, storage and maintenance costs. But now you need peace of mind when it comes to protecting and ensuring the availability of the mailboxes, files and folders stored in your Google Drive. Commvault’s all-in-one backup, archiving and recovery solution provides the reinforcement you’re looking for, while giving your end users seamless access to their Gmail and Google Drive data.

Fast, flexible backup and recovery

The Commvault solution can manage cloud-based software-as-a-service just as easily as on-premises email servers. Our software features native cloud connectors that work seamlessly with Gmail and Google Drive: enabling seamless, efficient protection for your Google Apps for Work environment.

Run full or incremental backups of your Gmail and Google Drive data with the flexibility to assign different backup policies to various users across your organization. For example, you can prioritize backups for accounts that send large volumes of emails or ensure those that deal with highly sensitive data is backed up on a more frequent basis. No matter how many attachments your users might be sending over the cloud, we can help you minimize your backup and archive storage requirements with built-in compression and deduplication capabilities. And with our granular recovery options, there’s no need to restore an entire mailbox: simply pick and choose the spreadsheets, documents or attachments your users need to stay productive.

A fully searchable offline archive for all
your Google data

Through our centralized content repository, you get a single, searchable index of your backup and archived data, allowing you to quickly find the information you need with just a few clicks. You can also create an offline archive of your Gmail and Google Drive data, ensuring it remains accessible even when there are intermittent network outages. With this offline archive, your team can stay productive by always being able to retrieve files and folders previously stored in the cloud. It also makes it easier to search through your data for legal or compliance purposes without disrupting the online work of your end users.

Preserving Agility with
Data Recovery in the Cloud