Email Archiving

Business-critical information is often stored in company email systems — and sometimes only there. That makes it more important than ever to have email archiving software that ensures business continuity and information availability. Enter Commvault.

Our powerful, integrated email backup and archiving solution helps you proactively comply with the many regulatory, legal and business requirements for your data. By fully automating your email data management, it also improves the operational efficiency of any email environment, including cloud email solutions like Microsoft Office 365, even as email volumes continue to grow.

eDiscovery and compliance made easy


Your company needs to comply with a wide range of regulatory, legislative, legal and business mandates. Only the Commvault email archiving solution provides the flexibility and operational efficiency to meet these requirements and enable successful digital transformation.

Bring the email explosion under control

As email volumes continue to grow, it’s becoming harder to know which emails hold true business value and which ones are just taking up storage space. Commvault helps cut the cost, risk and complexity of email archiving with user-defined, content-based retention policies — using criteria like file name, type, user/group, keyword and Exchange classification. Compared to the legacy 'keep everything' approach, our content-based retention helps bring costs down by ensuring you archive only what matters to your business.


Cloud email, optimized


We make it easy for you to take full advantage of the cloud-based email capabilities from vendors like Microsoft, Google and Zimbra. As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner and a past Microsoft Server Platform Partner of the Year award winner, we work closely with Microsoft to develop and test value-added solutions. Our comprehensive Microsoft Office 365 support enhances your ability to archive data efficiently and meet stringent regulatory and compliance requirements — with simplified search, continuous availability and easy self-service.

Capitalize on the cloud

Virtually unlimited cloud storage is a big plus for enterprise email archiving — but concerns about accessibility, privacy and control continue to hold some organizations back. Our data-management platform lets you choose the cloud approach that best meets your needs for access, privacy and portability: on-premises, cloud or hybrid. You get the flexibility and scalability to adapt efficiently as your business needs change.

Simplify your email archiving You can deploy Commvault email archiving software on-premises, in public or private clouds, and as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering directly from us or one of our partners. You can even use our archiving solution to augment your Microsoft Exchange Online environment, giving you the confidence that your compliance and eDiscovery requirements will be satisfied.