Continuity Equals Productivity

Let’s be honest, employees assume IT exists to resolve their individual computing issues. But when it comes to sharing data on endpoints, end users could be so much more productive – and IT less burdened – if they just had company-sanctioned tools to securely synchronize and share files on their own. The good news is, the right tools do exist.

Anytime, anywhere access

To keep mobile workforces humming along at the level they — and you — expect, you need file sync and share tools that they can use any time, from any web browser, to access their applications and data. No more unapproved and unsecure third-party solutions like DropboxTM, Google Drive or portable hard drives.

After all, ensuring end-user productivity and collaboration can’t be done at the expense of data security. You need to be able to monitor and control how company data gets shared — internally and externally — with logging and reporting of file-sharing transactions.

Increase user satisfaction, free up IT

Through Commvault endpoint data protection with enterprise file sync and share, you’ll leverage easy-to-use self-service and collaboration tools that enable users to search, backup, restore AND securely access and share files without giving up data ownership — all while extending data visibility and control to IT. As such, you’ll increase user satisfaction, reduce risk and free up IT resources to focus on more strategic business projects.

Secure your endpoint data with encryption at rest and in transit

Share files securely internally and externally without consumer-based products

Gain visibility of your data outside the data center for governance, legal holds, compliance and search needs

Manage data sharing at the file and folder levels with view and edit access, password and expiration settings, and allow and block features

Scale the number of users and locations to meet enterprise needs

Provide end users with access to data through an easy-to-use mobile app

Enhance tracking of shared content activity with email notifications


Endpoint protection

With more data being created and stored outside the data center, protecting endpoints at the edge of your network has become a priority to ensure business continuity. With Commvault, you can protect and secure end user data to mitigate risk from any number of threats, while regaining visibility and control over endpoint and cloud file-share data for compliance and litigation purposes—all from a single solution.