VM Backup

Commvault’s ability to provide end-to-end VM backup, recovery and cloud management creates a significantly better way to build, protect and optimize VMs throughout their lifecycle.

Our best-in-class software for VM backup, recovery and cloud management delivers a number of significant benefits, including: VM recovery with live recovery options; backup to and in the cloud; custom-fit data protection for every SLA; the broadest hardware snapshot management; and workload portability across physical, virtual and cloud platforms.

Commvault offers a complete cloud management solution across multiple VM and cloud platforms, including AWS, Microsoft Azure and VMware. Our integrated approach enables you to automatically provision, protect and decommission your VMs — helping you achieve a more agile, efficient and cost-effective virtual infrastructure.

A lifecycle approach to VM management and protection

Our single software takes the complexity out of managing VMs across evolving lifecycles. By treating every VM as unique, we make sure you meet each VM’s workload recovery and retention requirements with a single solution that has no hidden costs. We enable you to streamline and automate the management of your platform and ensure that no VM goes unprotected.

Commvault’s single software solution offers advanced features to save you time and money, including: array-based snapshots across a wide range of VM platforms to meet demanding recovery requirements; automated VM archiving to reclaim wasted VM resources; and cloud management across multiple VM and cloud platforms that helps you get more from your infrastructure. Start your free trial.

Cloud-connected backup

As the cloud transforms IT strategies, it creates real challenges to operationalizing activities, such as retrieval, disaster recovery, and test and development. With thousands of customers and hundreds of petabytes of data under management in the cloud, Commvault has the deep experience to help you:

  • Get to the cloud faster — Support cloud storage and compute use cases with support for more than 20 cloud storage platforms, including Microsoft Azure, AWS, OpenStack and VMware clouds.
  • Operationalize and optimize disaster recovery in the cloud — Implement a truly automated, end-to-end solution with a “best fit” approach, pre-built workflows, and simple provisioning and image creation.
  • Get more value from your cloud investment — Increase productivity, accelerate delivery and realize the true economics of the cloud with advanced orchestration, provisioning and management capabilities.
  • We can turn a public or hybrid cloud into a natural extension of your data center. You get the same level of security, control and access management as your on-premises hardware, but with the speed, flexibility and cost savings of the cloud.

Disaster recovery to the cloud

Our high level of integration with several major cloud platforms also enables greater cross-cloud management and portability. We enable you to move data seamlessly and easily into the cloud and across clouds, and to back up your data, applications and VMs in one format and then recover them in another — regardless of which format you select.

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