Data Migration

Data migration made easy with Commvault services.

It can be time-consuming, complicated and costly to manage multiple data protection systems or keep legacy platforms going “just in case." With Commvault services, you don’t have to do either. Our data migration service lets you move your data and applications easily and economically into a single data protection environment with minimal disruption to end users.

Your data migration partner

We know every migration is different. Commvault Technology Consultants will help you choose a migration strategy that aligns with your data’s business value as well as your operational, financial and compliance needs — helping you use all your data intelligently to uncover new opportunities and increase productivity. We also provide the architectures and configurations to systematically migrate legacy data and applications into your Commvault data protection environment, ensuring you have full access to your legacy data when you need it.

Migration options to suit your needs

Commvault’s range of data migration services gives you the flexibility to meet your organization’s technical and budgetary requirements. We can help with:

  • Configuration migration: We automatically convert legacy software configuration files for a rapid, reliable transition to your Commvault environment.
  • Migration on demand: By moving legacy data only when needed, we can dramatically reduce your migration costs.
  • Archive migration: Our specially designed processes and technologies move your archived data into a single environment that’s fully transparent to end users — with a complete chain of custody.
  • Tape migration: For media conversion of older tape formats, a 3rd party provider would be engaged to convert your old tape media to modern tape formats to ensure data accessibility.
  • Full migration: We can convert all your legacy data copies and migrate them to the Commvault solution by taking a customized, turnkey approach.

Leave your old software behind


While it may seem like a good safeguard to keep a working instance of legacy software on hand, doing so can create unexpected maintenance costs and be difficult to sustain long-term. Our migration-on-demand service lets you leave your old software behind with confidence — while freeing you to migrate legacy data when and as needed. It’s a straightforward, cost-effective option that requires no capital outlay or long-term service engagement.

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An easier way to move your archives

Our archive migration offering can help you efficiently and cost-effectively migrate your archive data from legacy solutions — which are often unable to keep up with changing business and legal demands — to Commvault’s data management solution. Our proven migration methodology reduces risk and operational errors, minimizing disruption to your day-to-day activities.

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