Quantifying the Business Value of Commvault Software: Worldwide Customer Survey Analysis

IT organizations are facing an increasingly chaotic technology landscape. Corporate data repositories are more fragmented than ever, with continued annual data growth of 40–50 percent and rapid proliferation of cloud storage, mobile devices, software as a service applications and open source innovations. Many organizations are deploying applications in both hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments, and digital transformation and cloud-first strategies are also key initiatives for many organizations.

IT organizations have added pressure to have a backup and recovery solution that can handle these changes in addition to their growing and complex data management needs. In an IDC survey of Commvault customers, customers reported high levels of satisfaction and value in Commvault solutions:

  • 57-392 percent improvement in data coverage for protection, analytics, encryption and reporting
  • 44 percent reduction in annual spending on data infrastructure, software, services and compliance
  • 62 percent reduction in annual unplanned downtime
  • 49 percent improvement in average recovery time for messages, files, and VMs as well as Exchange, Oracle, SharePoint and SQL applications
  • 50-61 percent reduction in annual exposure to compliance failures, audit failures and/or data theft or breach


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