AWS Disaster Recovery

Continuity in the cloud

The cloud allows you to extend disaster recovery functionality to a greater number of workloads —– including those where it had been previously unaffordable to do so — with less complexity and the benefit of on-demand, pay-as-you-go infrastructure. In fact, it’s among the top use cases for both the private and public cloud. With Commvault and AWS you can operationalize and optimize disaster recovery in the cloud - Implement a truly automated, end-to-end solution with a “best fit” approach, pre-built workflows, and simple provisioning and image creation.

We can turn a public or hybrid cloud into a natural extension of your data center. You get the same level of security, control and access management as your on-premises hardware, but with the speed, flexibility and cost savings of the cloud.

Business continuity/disaster recovery

Schematic: AWS Disaster Recovery with Commvault

Cold disaster recovery backup & recovery, pilot light

Schematic: AWS Disaster Recovery with Commvault

Warm disaster recovery warm standby, multi-site

Schematic: AWS Disaster Recovery with Commvault