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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data Management

Move, Manage and Use Your Data with Commvault on AWS

Your ability to achieve digital transformation depends on an effective cloud strategy. Whether your initiatives involve a cloud-first or cloud-only approach, you need to be able to move, manage and use data in a way that promotes business agility and contains costs. This includes optimizing both your data and infrastructure management operations to avoid service outages and security risks.

Your current processes aren't helping you achieve these goals in your Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. Before you can spin up a cloud instance and securely move or backup data, you must find the data first. You have to manually search through separate storage, archive and other indexes to locate it. The result of this effort can be delays, errors and higher costs.


AWS + Commvault: Stronger Together


Leveraging Cloud to Its Fullest Potential

You need to consistently meet SLAs across your hybrid and cloud environment, so you can be more responsive to the business. To promote greater agility, you need to be able to spin up a cloud instance and move data to it without creating data management and security issues. It's also critical that you're able to easily and cost-effectively backup and recover data—wherever it lives. In the end, you need to employ cloud so that it seamlessly extends your data center and allows you to reap the full benefits.

A Single Solution to Managing Data Across On-Premises and AWS Environments

Comprehensive data management platform

Extensive data protection, backup, recovery and
eDiscovery capabilities

Tight integration with AWS services

With Commvault support for AWS, you'll gain a comprehensive data management platform for moving, managing and using data across files, applications, databases, hypervisors and the cloud. From a single platform, you'll have access to extensive capabilities for data protection, backup, recovery, management and eDiscovery—all tightly integrated with AWS services. This includes native integration with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3 and S3-IA), AWS GovCloud (U.S.), AWS Secret Region (East), and AWS Top Secret Region (East), Amazon Glacier and AWS Snowball, plus support for Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

Commvault has made moving more workloads to the cloud incredibly simple. In the short demonstration (below), we'll show you how to quickly configure Commvault to write to AWS storage in just a couple of steps.

Leveraging these capabilities, you'll help support digital transformation through:

Seamless, risk-free migration:
Easily move and manage data across on- premises and AWS environments to enhance IT and business agility.

Holistic data protection and risk reduction:
Ensure security and compliance with customizable role-based policies, strict encryption standards and a complete audit trail.

Consistent SLAs:
Provide the same SLAs for backup and recovery, insight and control of data, workloads, and hybrid infrastructure resources.

Enterprise-class disaster recovery:
Automate backup and archive processes.

Rapid extension of on-premises infrastructure :
Deliver self-service functionality to speed access to data via indexing and search capabilities for increased responsiveness.

Lower-cost backup:
Replace tape storage and save money; eliminate complicated and expensive tape operations with cloud-based data backup.

Case Study: University of Canberra
It cuts significant storage overheads and ensures
data availability with AWS and Commvault.

Data Protection for AWS Government Clouds

U.S. government agencies and private sector contractors need to protect, manage and access business-critical data. Move, manage and use cloud-based data and workloads with Commvault software’s support for AWS government clouds.

The Commvault data platform can help AWS customers in top secret and secret level clearance environments meet the data protection requirements of the AWS Shared Responsibility Model. The Commvault platform encrypts data in-flight and at-rest with seamless, FIPS certified encryption software. Migrate data, applications, virtual machines and workloads seamlessly into the AWS GovCloud (U.S.), AWS Secret Region (East), and AWS Top Secret Region (East), for backup, archiving or disaster recovery.

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