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Don't Be Boxed In By Your Scale-Up Data Protection Solution

Scale-up architectures are increasing your costs and complexity

Your scale-up strategy for protecting data on-premises or in the cloud is directly causing:

  • Overbuying capacity to address future growth or underestimating your storage needs
  • Missing service levels due to difficulty in scaling infrastructure for operational needs
  • Multiple data silos preventing the integration of applications, data, and infrastructure
  • Inability to migrate to the cloud or deliver new and faster services
  • Complex management and operations require additional staff for even simple tasks

Adding more hardware and staff is not a sustainable solution. You are moving forward without tackling the core issues: an outdated data protection strategy built on a scale-up infrastructure.


Many IT departments do not realize that more than 70% of their data lives in secondary storage. 1

A fresh approach to solving data protection challenges

With Commvault HyperScale solutions, you can build a unified, modern data protection and management platform that delivers cloud-like services on-premises.

By building these services on a scale-out infrastructure and leveraging Commvault capabilities, you'll enable:

Cloud-like agility, resiliency and availability to on-premises data and applications

Greater end-user efficiency with automation and self-service capabilities

Improved hardware utilization and optimized costs from general-purpose hardware

Seamless storage scalability with predictable performance without requiring forklift upgrades

Better, more secure data protection, utilization and movement by eliminating point product and data silos

IDC, Commvault's Latest Data Protection Offerings:
HyperScale Software, HyperScale Appliance and ScaleProtect with Cisco UCS

You can implement your scale-out data protection solution in one of three ways:

Commvault HyperScale™ Software

Implement Commvault HyperScale Software on a scale-out infrastructure of your choice and benefit from:

  • Flexibility of hardware configuration sizes and models from leading technology companies.
  • Leveraging your hardware partner relationships for consistency throughout your environment.
  • Tested configurations to speed implementation, management, and support.

Commvault HyperScale™ Appliance

Commvault HyperScale Appliance integrates compute, storage, and Commvault Software into a single all–in-one integrated appliance allowing you to:

  • Cut costs and reduce your hardware footprint.
  • Remove operational complexity and gain more value from your data.
  • Reduce data sprawl and take advantage of advanced hybrid cloud integration capabilities — with no added hardware.

ScaleProtect™ with Cisco UCS®

ScaleProtect with Cisco UCS delivers Commvault Data Protection with HyperScale Software on Cisco UCS servers, enabling your organization to:

  • Reduce data footprint by breaking down data silos.
  • Remove complexity and gain value from your data.
  • Gain the complete flexibility you need.

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