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Commvault Value Calculators

With just a few clicks, calculate how Commvault can save time and boost your bottom line.

Based on real customer input from our global survey, we’ve created a suite of online calculators to help you quantify how Commvault solutions can simplify processes, lower costs, reduce risk and boost productivity for your organization.

Calculate Your Commvault Value

Plain VM backup vs. Commvault

Backup Total Cost of Ownership

See how Commvault Hyperscale can significantly lower your TCO for Backup and Recovery.

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Desktop/Laptop Data Protection

Calculate potential reductions in desktop/laptop maintenance and overhead costs, along with potential increases in discovery efficiency and organizational productivity.

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Risk reduction

Risk Reduction

Use Commvault’s DIRE Index to compare risk exposure between your current and potential Commvault environments — and calculate potential reductions in downtime, data loss, compliance failures and legal issues.

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Estimate the potential maintenance, overhead, discovery and productivity benefits of consolidating multiple legacy and production PACS to the Commvault Clinical Archive.

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What do you stand to gain?

In a worldwide survey of Commvault’s customer base, IDC and Commvault collected concrete examples of the benefits that Commvault delivers to customers. Download the IDC report to see the full value of Commvault software.