Legal: Enabling and Empowering Stakeholders

Today's corporate counsel and other legal stakeholders are tasked with improving efficiencies while gaining control of the risks associated with exploding volumes of corporate data. This must be achieved while also reducing the cost and complexity associated with responding to eDiscovery and governance requests.

With its single-platform architecture, Simpana software is a repeatable and defensible solution. Legal teams are empowered with simple, self-service search across an industry-leading breadth of content types. All Electronically Stored Information (ESI) is controlled under a single point of management, reducing risk. With features like legal hold, reporting, encryption and deduplication built in to Simpana software, in-house and third party costs and complexities are significantly reduced.

By deploying Simpana software to protect, manage and access your digital assets, legal teams will be able to:

  • Have self-service access, across all ESI, to respond to legal requests without IT involvement
  • Prepare for Early Case Assessments (ECA), and plan for case strategy earlier in the litigation process
  • Execute role-based workflow so that the appropriate resources execute assigned tasks during the litigation timeline
  • Secure and preserve responsive data to avoid spoliation using one-click Federated Legal Hold
  • Cull and review data quickly and easily for responsiveness and/or privilege and mark items accordingly, reducing third-party review costs
  • Deliver results securely to outside or opposing counsel in the appropriate electronic format
  • Provide detailed reporting to prove authenticity and chain of custody

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