Education: Modern Data Management with Simpana® Software

Educational institutions are under increased pressure to ensure secure, reliable and efficient access to coursework, student records and research data. And tighter budgets are driving new initiatives to measure student achievement and teacher effectiveness that a collection of legacy point products can no longer keep up with.

With single-platform Simpana software, IT leaders from traditional K-12, e-learning, and institutions of higher learning and research can deliver a comprehensive, less complex and lower cost solution to protect, manage and access critical data and information. With Simpana software, you can confidently:

  • Ensure secure access so that important data, such as coursework, student/teacher records and research results, is at once accessible to users while kept secure from unauthorized access
  • Support key educational technologies and securely deploy new tools like e-learning platforms, online collaboration, teaching portals and distance learning knowing that the data is protected and accessible to all stakeholders
  • Handle massive data growth generated by new applications, increasing enrollments and focus on monetizing and preserving research data
  • Do more with less with automated, policy-based data protection and retention, global source-side deduplication, integrated archiving and advanced analytics and reporting

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