Simplify Archive for Search and Compliance

Reduce Cost, Risk and Complexity for Compliance, Legal and Information Governance Processes

Assuring litigation readiness and information governance is critical for most organizations. To help reduce risk and ensure compliance, Simpana software delivers a holistic and automated approach to retaining the right information across the enterprise and deleting it defensibly. With centralized collection across an industry-leading number of file systems and messaging applications, Simpana software eliminates the need for disparate, loosely integrated products reducing complexity, cost and risk from your environment.

This is achieved by leveraging the Simpana ContentStore, an efficient, storage-agnostic virtual repository for all Simpana-managed information. Automated, content-based retention and built-in tiering ensures the right data is moved to the right storage at the right time.

Benefits in Simplifying Archive for Search and Compliance

  • IT, Legal and Compliance teams are enabled to centralized control and streamline discovery across all ESI
  • Retain, store, classify and access information according to its business, compliance or evidentiary value with content-based retention
  • Manage data intelligently, automatically and cost-effectively throughout its lifecycle
  • Simplify administration with a single data repository and a central deletion point
  • Leverage a scalable and adaptable technology to keep pace with the business as it evolves
  • Choose the best strategy earlier in the audit or litigation process by rapidly finding key evidence and assessing your position while monitoring costs
  • Automate reporting for auditors to significantly reduce response times for an internal or external audit

Executive-Level Advice and Counsel

Industry leaders often look to third party experts to help them navigate the myriad requirements that must be considered when developing archive and records management strategies. CommVault consultants, as part of a Data Classification & Archive Policy Design engagement, help IT and business leaders to create a vision for modern, yet pragmatic, capabilities and prepare concise business-level recommendations for optimal compliance and archive environments. As part of the Records Management and eDiscovery Design offering, consultants will advise clients on mapping legal retention policy requirements to their storage, backup and archive environment and to formulate thorough processes for responding to eDiscovery requests.

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