Modern and Efficient Data Management for IBM® DB2® Applications

IBM DB2 LogoBackup, recover, replicate and manage IBM DB2 data across tiers of disk, tape and the cloud without the complexity of traditional, time consuming processes. Simpana software and its IntelliSnap technology tightly integrates DB2 with hardware-based snapshots to deliver automated, application-consistent protection copies of data housed in both physical and virtual environments.

Benefits of Using Simpana® Software to Protect and Manage DB2 Environments

  • Optimize DB2 operations, efficiency and data access
  • Achieve rapid, reliable, and consistent data protection without administrator involvement through auto-discover and backup of new DB2 instances
  • Streamline migration efforts with out-of-place database restores to different systems and across OS versions using integrated UDB APIs
  • Gain comprehensive DB2 protection including system and user databases, history files and associated log files
  • Conduct point-in-time recoveries and out-of-place restores, including support for DB2 on Windows and DB2 database partitioning feature (DPF), easily and quickly with Simpana IntelliSnap snapshot management technology
  • Regain control of your data protection solution by calling Simpana software backup processes from within the DB2 scheduler
  • Develop clear insights into DB2 environments with integrated reporting
  • Deliver rapid, centralized protection that leverages any storage tier, including snapshots, disk, tape and the cloud
  • Eliminate 90 percent of redundant data at the source with global deduplication

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