Control and Use Big Data

Efficiently Protect, Manage and Access Data in Large-Scale File Systems and Email Environments

The combination of strained budgets, shorter operating windows and the unrelenting growth of "Big Data" is forcing organizations to rethink how they protect and manage file systems, email, images, videos and documents that have simply become too big to backup. With Simpana software, Big Data is easier to manage so that you can gain more intelligence, cut costs and reduce operational complexity.

Conquer the challenge of managing data in large-scale file systems and email with Simpana OnePass™, the industry's first converged backup, archive and reporting process designed to affordably protect, manage and access data from a single operation. Eliminate separate processes and data silos to deliver “zero footprint archiving,” while managing the retention and storage of content based on its value to the business. Employees across the organization can continue to access their archived files and emails within the ContentStore, using self-service web consoles or a Microsoft Outlook plug-in to reduce management costs while delivering operational efficiency.

Benefits of Managing Big Data with Simpana® Software

  • Slash the combined time to backup, archive and report by more than 50 percent over traditional methods that use disparate products and processes
  • Simplify administration and reduce infrastructure without adding staffing resources
  • Leverage content-based retention to store only what has business value
  • Analyze data with built-in reporting to make more informed decisions
  • Free up production systems from repetitive operations and use source-side deduplication with incremental backups to increase efficiency
  • Improve visibility to business information to increase productivity
  • Reduce costs with automated, policy-based tiering
  • Utilize the most cost-effective storage,, including heterogeneous disk, tape or cloud

Executive-Level Advice and Counsel

Big Data environments of all types have challenged IT departments to extend already stretched resources. CommVault® Consulting offerings enable clients to leverage CommVault's industry experts, reduce storage related costs and improve service levels. With the Data Management Maturity Assessment offering, customers receive objective insight and expert advice about their current IT infrastructure and its impact on backup, recovery and archive service levels. During CommVault's Data Classification and Archive Policy Design engagement, the customer's IT and business leaders will develop a thorough understanding of their current archive environment, create a vision for modern yet pragmatic capabilities, create design alternatives, prepare recommendations for optimal compliance/ archive policies, and generate architectures and configurations that meet those needs.



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