Commvault makes it easier to manage costs, storage, performance and risk across your Oracle database environment — increasing your business agility and boosting user satisfaction.

Smart data protection and management free you to get more out of your IT resources. Our single platform simplifies and automates backup and disaster recovery of your Oracle databases, improving recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) so you can meet or exceed your service level agreements. We also provide powerful, flexible archiving and reporting — and make it easy to work with Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN).

Lifecycle optimization of your Oracle environment


Commvault provides a single platform for every aspect of your Oracle environment, from data archiving and performance reporting to seamless upgrades. Our global block-level deduplication eliminates up to 90% of redundant data at source and increases network and storage efficiency. Advanced data archiving boosts application performance, compliance and productivity while cutting costs and complexity, and reporting and analytics give valuable insights into your Oracle environment. When it’s time to upgrade, we help then, too — automating migration to make the process faster, easier and safer.

Reliable protection with zero admin

Our software automatically discovers and backs up new Oracle databases without manual intervention. You can protect mission-critical databases in minutes whether they’re deployed as single instances, real application clusters (RACs) or Exadata systems. You also have the freedom to choose between cold, hot or streaming RMAN backups, or mix streaming backups with storage array snapshots for clones of the same database. Our full integration with the RMAN catalog allows DBAs to locate, recover and restore databases from the cloud, deduplicated disks or tape using native RMAN commands. If your database is provisioned on a snapable or cloneable storage architecture, we can also automate application-consistent recovery, duplicate databases and quickly build Oracle standby databases.


Fast, flexible recovery


Only Commvault offers granular recovery for Oracle databases — from individual tables and columns to entire applications and clone copies — making recovery less complex while strengthening protection. Array-based snapshots give you rapid-fire, application-consistent copies of data with near-zero impact on your production environments. Our built-in snapshot management solution produces storage array snapshots cataloged in RMAN without complex scripting, automating and speeding up recovery so you can focus on other tasks that add value to the business.

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