Built-In Security and Encryption

Simpana software keeps your data and information secure - whether it's on premises, at the edge, or in the cloud. Built into the single platform, Simpana security features, such as encryption, work with deduplication, backup and archive to secure data in flight or at rest across any storage media.

Data is efficiently stored in the Simpana ContentStore—the virtual repository of all Simpana-managed information. Within the ContentStore, granular and customizable access controls, single sign-on, encryption, alerting, and audit trails keep your information secure.

CommVault was one of the first data and information management vendors to be certified for the U.S. DoD/Canadian DND FIPS encryption accreditation for information security.

Simpana® Security and Encryption Benefits

  • Reduce costs by efficiently and securely storing data with on-premises and public cloud-based storage services
  • Reduce privacy breaches and exposure events across the enterprise
  • Benefit from roles-based access controls (RBAC) which are integrated with Active Directory to provide single sign-on capabilities for users, delivering a much more streamlined operational structure
  • Encrypt data without slowing backups or the tiering of copies thanks to embedded encryption capabilities that can be applied selectively based on policies

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